Helen’s Swimming School launched in 1989 and now provides swimming lessons to hundreds of babies, children and adults from across East Sussex and Kent. It has built a reputation based on technical emphasis and has won a number of awards over the years, including Swim England’s Swim School of the Year Swimtastic Gold Award in 2014.

All our teachers and assistants are Swim England or STA qualified. Teachers remain on poolside while Assistants accompany swimmers in the water as directed. There are a minimum of two members of staff in attendance at all times. All sessions have a qualified lifesaver  on poolside. Staff have personal professional insurance.

The main benefits of our swimming lessons are that children learn to swim in a fun, safe and structured way. They will be made aware of water safety and learn skills that could one day save their life. The school is a ‘proactive’ Swimming School and may need to assist a child in the water. Staff will always ask the child beforehand if they can hold their head etc., and if the child says no, the teacher will respect their wishes. Some schools indicate that a child should not be assisted in this way however, Helen’s Swimming School has found that children feel more confident with this method of support. If parents would prefer that their child not be touched for any reason, then they should let the teacher in charge know prior to the lesson.

We offer a wide variety of swimming lessons: Adult & Child classes, Pre-School Non-Swimmers and Beginners, after school lessons for Non-Swimmers to Improvers 3 level and Adult lessons.

From September 2018 all lessons will be run by H2O Swim School.   Venetia Self, the owner, has worked with Helen’s Swimming School for the past 13 years and is fully aware of our standards and teaching methods.  H2O already provides lessons for children from Improvers 4 level right through to Bronze, Silver & Gold Challenge, Rookie Lifeguard and Survive & Save at Mayfield pool.

For full details of all the classes available, please see our Pools, Classes and Frequently Asked Questions sections.