The Benefits of Baby Swimming Lessons

By | November 16, 2016

The health benefits of swimming for adults are widely known, from toning and losing weight to improving mental health and relaxation. But did you know how swimming with your baby can positively affect their development?

underwater-1An introduction to swimming at an early age in a fun, relaxed and supportive way will instil a love of water that can continue for a lifetime. Family swimming sessions are great fun and babies can benefit from joining in with the whole family but it’s important that they are introduced to water activities in a warm pool and in a positive way.

Structured adult and baby swimming lessons, led by qualified teachers, can provide the ideal platform for babies to launch into the world of swimming.

Our Adult & Baby swimming lessons are run by specially trained swimming teachers. They introduce activities suitable for the development stage of the children, leading to improved confidence, strength and independence, while promoting safety in and around water.

The teachers help babies and their adults to work as a unit, suggesting safe ways of holding baby in the water and will give advice on when to progress an activity, such as when to encourage submersion (or not!).

dscf4184The lessons flow from one fun activity to the next in a calm and progressive way, building confidence in both the baby and the adult.

There are many physical benefits of baby swimming. The density of water is supportive and babies are able to move their arms and legs freely, strengthening their muscles and improving co-ordination. Balancing activities will strengthen core muscles and various movements through the water will teach breath awareness and improve cardiovascular development. Gentle movement while floating can have a calming and relaxing effect. And of course, exercise improves appetite and can lead to better sleeping – a benefit for baby and their adult!

A group session with other babies of the same age can be a sociable event for both the babies and their adult with lots of interaction, games and songs. And lessons are not just for new mums and their baby. Dads and grandparents often join an adult and baby class, benefitting from some special one to one time with their baby.

With specialist help and advice from our teachers, even an adult who is not a confident swimmer can swim and float with their baby, creating a unique bonding experience.