The aim of our adult and child classes is to instil a love of water and water based activities at an early stage of a child’s development.

Our lessons will support both physical and social skills, using songs and games with toys, floats and woggles.  These activities encourage enjoyment and confidence in the water, leading to moving freely around the pool, both at the surface and under the water.

Our lessons are for children from 4 months and their parent or carer.  Please note that babies should have had their inoculations before coming swimming.

We aim to help adults and children become an efficient unit in the pool, encouraging fun and building confidence together in the water.  We do not encourage the use of swimming aids such as arm bands, as we believe it can create a false sense of security, however, skin to skin contact between the adult and child provides a great bonding experience and boosts the child’s confidence.  Although we encourage submersion, it will not be enforced.

Our Teachers:

We have a dedicated team with a great deal of teaching experience who are committed to providing a fun and stimulating learning environment for the adults as well as the babies in their classes.

All our teachers are ASA/STA qualified and all sessions have a qualified lifesaver on the poolside.


Half hour lessons are held in the week and on Saturdays during East Sussex school term times. See our Timetables for lesson times.

Preparation before you come:

baby in towel 2Bring suitable swimwear for you and your child.  Swim nappies such as Huggies Little Swimmers are special nappies made for little ones in the water (no ordinary nappies are allowed).  They must be worn under a swimsuit.  It is advisable to tie long hair back on both adult and child.  A swimming hat is advisable.  Bring 3 towels – one for you and 2 for baby.

It is important to bring your child a snack and drink for after the lesson.  You may find it useful to bring your child’s favourite water-resistant toy, or bath toy to help him or her feel more ‘at home’ in the new environment.

Make sure that very young children have a nap before you come.  Swimming is exhausting, so come rested.  Be prepared that a baby may want another sleep afterwards.

Give your child a light snack (biscuit or banana) an hour or so before the lesson to ward off any hunger pains during the lesson.  Please note that no food is to be consumed on the premises.

Arrive early so that your child can get used to the pool environment and any strange noises.

And most importantly – be prepared to come along and have fun!

For additional information contact: Helen Blake on 01892 662484