In 2014 Helen’s Swimming School was awarded the ASA’s Swim School of the Year Gold Award. This national award is presented to a swim school that provides an excellent service to all their members and who, through commitment to the development of swimmers and staff, achieves the highest standards.  Founder Helen Blake said: “I am very proud of the Swim School but it would never be what it is without the dedication and hard work from all my swimming teachers, assistants and water helpers both past and present, who all share my passion for swimming.”


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In 2010 Helen’s Swimming School was awarded the ASA’s Swim 21 quality mark. This was in recognition of our high standard of teaching and is also a development tool that allows swimmers and teachers who are responsible for developing programmes to continually improve.

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In June 2002, we were the first swimming school in the country to be awarded the Premier Status ‘Aquamark’ Certificate by the Amateur Swimming Association.  This award was developed by the ASA to assist in improving the level of swimming ability in the UK.




In January 2005 Helen’s Swimming School became an official partner with the Amateur Swimming Association to maximise its potential for providing top quality swimming activities and programmes.