Children must be able to swim 20 metres in three strokes with basic stroke technique.

Aims: To introduce the children to swimming circuits of the pool to improve their stamina, whilst maintaining good stroke technique.  To further develop the Butterfly leg kick and to introduce the arm action.

Badges that can be achieved: – Waterskills Stage 2 or Learn to Swim Stage 4.

Water Skills 2

By completing the Award you will be able to perform eight of the following skills (or six for those with a disability). One width = 10 metres.

  1. Enter shallow water unaided from a standing or sitting position without the use of steps.
  2. Submerge the head completely and blow out under water for a minimum of three seconds.
  3. Hold a tucked floating position for a minimum of five seconds (this may be on the front or back with the face submerged or kept out of the water).
  4. Swim one width on the front using a crawl-type front paddle propulsive action.
  5. Swim one width on the back using a crawl-type leg action.
  6. Swim one width on the front or back using Breaststroke type action.
  7. Swim one width full stroke on the front or the back with arm recovery over the water.
  8. Demonstrate a flat upright or upright floating position for twenty seconds.
  9. Demonstrate a 360 degree turn or roll – from a flat or upright position without making contact with the pool bottom.
  10. Swim two widths without pausing using any stroke or strokes.

Learn to Swim Stage 4

  1. Perform a sequence of changing shapes (minimum of 3) whilst floating on the surface and demonstrate an understanding of floating.
  2. Pushing and glide from the wall towards the pool floor.
  3. Kick 10 metres Backstroke (one item of equipment optional)
  4. Kick 10 metres Front crawl (one item of equipment optional)
  5. Kick 10 metres Butterfly on the front or on the back
  6. Kick 10 metres Breaststroke on the front (equipment optional)
  7. Perform a head first sculling action for 5 metres in a flat position on the back.
  8. Travel on the back and log roll in one continuous movement onto front.
  9. Travel on front and roll in one continuous movement onto back.
  10. Push and glide and swim 10 metres, choice of stroke is optional.