The following should answer customers’ frequently asked questions but please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.


Summer Term 2018 
Week commencing 23rd April 2018Term Starts
Monday 7th May Bank Holiday
Week commencing 28th May 2018Half Term - no swimming
Week commencing 11th June 2018Assessment Week
Week commencing 2nd July 2018Last Week of Term
Monday 9th JulyLast Week of Term for Mondays only


Courses generally run for 10 weeks and coincide with East Sussex term dates.

Courses and times are arranged according to demand.

All classes have a maximum of 10 people.

Private one to one or small group classes can be arranged.

Swimming trunks (not long shorts) should be worn by boys and a one piece swimming costume for girls. Swimming hats must also be worn.

The school is a ‘proactive’ Swimming School and may need to assist a child in the water. Staff will always ask the child beforehand if they can hold their head etc., and if the child says no, the teacher will respect their wishes. Some schools indicate that a child should not be assisted in this way; however, Helen’s Swimming School has found that children feel more confident with this method of support. If parents would prefer that their child not be touched for any reason, then they should let the teacher in charge know prior to the lesson.

Class progression

Class allocation/progression is based on ability and therefore pupils may not always move up a class at the end of each term. Class allocation is at the discretion of the Swimming Teacher and Pool Manager.


All classes operate generally in accordance with the Swim England National Plan Award.

Badges will be issued termly. They are not the focus of the class, rather a by-product of what has been learnt during the term. The allocation of badges is based upon the standards set by Helen’s Swimming School.


We provide top quality tuition at competitive prices.

Type of lessoncost
Swimming Lessons (10 weeks)£81.00
Adult & Child classes (10 weeks)£81.00
One to one lessons are arranged on an individual basis.


Please advise us immediately should you need to cancel the swimming lessons that have been allocated to you, taking note of the information below.

  1. Cancellation up to 2 weeks prior to term start date – a full refund less an £18.00 administration charge.
  2. Cancellation within the 2 week period prior to the term start date – no refund unless we are able to re-sell the spaces.  The refund would comprise the value of the lessons re-sold, less an £18.00 administration charge.
  3. Cancellation after the term start date – no refund would be applicable.
  4. There will be an additional charge of £12.00 against any cheques that ‘bounce’.
  5. Should for any reason a lesson need to be cancelled by the Swim School, an alternative lesson will be provided where possible by extending the term finish date.  No refunds will be applicable against lessons cancelled for reasons outside the control of the Swim School.

Code of Conduct

Teachers, parents and pupils must follow the Code of Conduct.  A copy of the rules provided by the venue operators are included with booking forms.  It is important that rules are complied with to ensure a safe teaching environment.