For children who have attended our Adult & Child lessons or have had some experience of lessons elsewhere but are unable to swim without the use of aids.

Aims: To become totally water confident, moving freely around the pool both on the surface and under the water.  To learn to swim unaided on both front and back and to understand pool rules.

Badges that can be achieved: – Duckling Grade 4 or Puffin.


DUCKLING 4 250 wide


     Duckling Grade 4

  1. Jump into the water unaided, but supervised.
  2. Perform a mushroom float.
  3. Rotate through 360o either using a log roll or an upright position.
  4. Push and glide achieving a streamlined position on the front or back.
  5. Submerge completely.
  6. Travel 10 metres on the front or back without adult support
  7. Jump into the water, turn around, swim back to the point of entry and hold onto the side or rail.
  8. Climb out of the water with adult support if required.

 PUFFIN NEW 250 wide


  1. To swim 5 metres using any buoyancy aid